Columbia Professor Matteo Pericoli has creative writing students select a story and team up with architecture students to create 3d models that articulate the narrative symbolically.

“Once the creative writing students have an idea for their structures, they team up with architecture students to construct 3-D models. This moment always has an element of magic: two students from very different disciplines coming together, now sharing a common language, knowing exactly where to meet, and why. They discuss spatial relationships, repetition, reflection, sequence, transparency, tension, pacing, chronology and so forth. Any architectural question is answered from a literary point of view; any literary issue is addressed by a spatial idea.”

This combining of the unique lexicons of practice is a powerful tool to open up our thinking as we analyze experience and allows us to surface new attributes to consider as we design new ones. The process is an amazing example of cross-discipline fertilization resulting in a new model, literature as form in space or a kind of synesthetic narrative.

Check out the full article in the New York Times.

Photo: Courtesy of the New York Times
Model based on “The Falls” by George Saunders
Created by Javier Fuentes + Lorenzo Villaggi