We are all sculptors of space, time, energy and intention.

How do we discover the shape of an experience? How do we define a singular path from the chaos of infinite possibilities?

It’s difficult to articulate how we find our way but we know when we’re in the current.

Experience design and sculpture both share the task of uncovering. A form exists in the void waiting to be revealed by identifying its essence.

We explore the problem space and start carving in where our energy is drawn. We define the rhythm, shape, color, and sound.  We try different combinations. We build up and take away. We use fiery tools and quiet centering.

Success, when we craft a gesture entirely unique to its circumstance in a form critical but minimal in its presence. We barely break the space yet find a way forward. The “right” gesture is so subtle it’s only noticed when turned just so and the edge is hit by reflected light.

Success, when we continue the dialogue.

Image courtesy of Philip Pavia who taught me how to carve stone.