I see a blue shrouded river becoming clear only in brief glimpses beyond the present. I’m drawn by the hope that the route will be absolute relative to some distance landing. I move forward carving out its future form.

I’m a curious human, I “meander” it’s my unique way of gathering and learning. People have different styles and I admit I’m a little jealous of those with a more straightforward methodologies. My approach leans toward the poetic and perhaps I do have a touch of CADD (Creative Attention Deficit Disorder) or another way to label me is “life long learner.” The flipside is a nagging feeling that I simply can’t stay focused.

I’ve been waiting for years to wake up one morning and discover an alchemy of all my past investigations. I’d arrive in my studio and everything would fall together and sense and connection would flow out.

There have been glimmers, moments when the web is revealed but greater is the realization that the practice is ongoing daily work. Insight is constant learning overlaid with time to consciously weave and long periods of dark gestation.

The more interesting question maybe why…what is the value in bringing together disparate fields, thoughts and disciplines?

There are exponential wicked problems in the world equal only to the opportunity to bring our awareness alive. The gift of this inquiry is a kind of presence that leaves us deeply open to our  creativity  and consequently gives us the ability to discover solutions far removed from the  known landscape.

As a start I simply want to notice more and think out loud.

Welcome to Radical Synthesis.